Gain a New Perspective and Inspiration with These Strategies

Gain a New Perspective and Inspiration with These Strategies

Whether this is your first event or one of many, generating creative ideas can sometimes be challenging. Finding inspiration for event themes, food choices, activities, and more is time-consuming and exhausting. So if you find yourself running out of inspiration, try these foolproof ways to gather ideas from the resources around you. Support and inspiration can come from anywhere, and often all you have to do is ask.

Poll your employees for great results

The advantages to including your employees in the creative process are almost endless: They are locals who may have attended your events before and have likely attended other events in the area. Your employees also know your business, and they know your goals. Polling your employees is a great way to come up with creative ideas and solve problems internally before finalizing the details of your event because they’re invested in the success of your event and the success of your business. You can gather ideas from your staff at roundtable discussions or by sending out an employee survey. Many of the best ideas come from the front line, so getting them involved early can be key to a top-notch event. Create a committee, or poll everyone in the organization. Either way, you’re certain to come up with loads of great concepts for your current and future events, and you might even identify some potential areas for improvement along the way.


Incentivize guest surveys for future event success

Asking your guests for ideas and opinions can be a great way to gather feedback while generating support for your coming events. People love to feel involved in the process, and including them is a great way to reach your goals. One way to do this is by incentivizing your guests to complete a survey about their experience and what they would like to see at your events in the future. If you have current events planned, you can incentivize your guests to complete a survey by offering a free drink ticket or a discounted admission. You can start by asking what people loved about the event that they just attended and also what they would like to see at future events. Ask about the other events that they attended this year, and make sure to leave room for them to provide feedback for you and your team. You’ll likely gather a ton of great ideas that you can use right now and build a cache of ideas that you can use in the future for inspiration.


Ask your vendors for their input and advice

Your vendors have been there, done that, and got the T-shirt. They are industry professionals who likely attend a lot of events and have seen a lot of things. They’ve probably seen things go wrong, and plenty of things go right. They also have first-hand opportunities to observe your guests and overhear conversations at events. Asking your vendors for feedback, advice, and suggestions is a great way to get ahead of the curve. They likely have observations about what works and what doesn’t from their professional experience. Food truck vendors, bartenders, and entertainers — the list goes on, and they all have a different perspective that they may be willing to share with you. All of this can contribute to your future shared success.

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