Ready, Set, Share! How to Turn Event Guests into Brand Ambassadors

Ready, Set, Share! How to Turn Event Guests into Brand Ambassadors

Event Organizers + Vendors = BFFs forever!

Great events can be even more successful when planning and promotion are shared between organizers and vendors. Food trucks, caterers, florists, DJs – the list goes on and on. These professional relationships present a fantastic opportunity for mutual success through coordination, planning, and good-will posting. Make it easy for your vendors to post about the event by providing them with a graphic to share on social media, as well as all the relevant event details. An easy way to do this is to send an email with everything attached that they will need to promote the event. Small business owners are busy, but they want the event to be a success too! Make it easy for them to share by providing these resources in advance.

Supporting a great cause? Tell the world!


Guests want to support you, and they want to support your cause. And as a community, we want to make a difference. Making sure that people know your event supports a good cause is a great way to expand the reach of your social impact. You can do this by including details about the cause on your website, ticketing pages, and in your email distribution. At the event, display signage or banners reminding guests they’re making a difference. Increasing your reach can help support for your cause grow each year, ultimately increasing your impact on the causes you support.

Keep guests engaged by asking their opinion


Get your guests involved by asking them to vote or judge a contest. If you have live music, poll your social media followers for suggestions about which bands they’d like to see. At the event, ask your guests to vote for their favorite food truck or vendor. If your event features a wine tasting, include notecards so guests can take notes about the wine they’re sampling. After the event, share a poll asking for opinions and feedback. Feeling like everyone is part of the process can help people stay engaged and grow your annual event by turning loyal customers into excited ambassadors. (Read more about the marketing strategies top promoters use to pack the house.)

Shameless food pics and selfie opportunities


We don’t snub selfies around here – there’s no shame in wanting to document your memories! Encourage people to take photos and share them on social media by setting up multiple photo-friendly content creation areas around your event. Beautiful backgrounds, great food, live music, and thoughtful scenery all help to create an environment where people want to share and are encouraged to do so. (Check out Denver Food Scene for drool-worthy foodie photos.) Create a custom hashtag for your event – use it, post it, display it in print, and encourage other people to use it. Ask your staff to snap photos when they have the opportunity and share them with you. When your event comes around next year, you’ll have a wealth of images to use.

Want help pulling it all off? The Avant-Garde team and our network of industry professionals can help you organize, plan, staff, and promote your event. Let us know how we can help here.

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