How to Partner with Corporate Sponsors to Reach your End of Year Fundraising Goals

How to Partner with Corporate Sponsors to Reach your End of Year Fundraising Goals

Fall marks the beginning of the giving season, and this time of year makes a big difference for many nonprofit organizations. If you’re thinking about hosting a fundraiser, these events will help you put on a memorable event while reaching (or exceeding) your financial goals for the year and maximizing your social impact.

Which came first, the Sponsor or the Cause?

Either way, your next nonprofit fundraising event can be hugely successful. Many people assume the purpose or cause has to come first, but that’s not always the case. Sponsors you have a good relationship with or that you’ve worked with before may reach out to you with a creative idea for a fundraiser. Why? Because a fundraiser is a great way for sponsors to reach their donation goals while giving back to their community in a public way. If you have already selected your cause, finding a sponsor is the next step. Consider partnering with brands, businesses, and corporations that fit naturally with your goals. For example, if your event is raising money for women’s health, consider partnering with a local or national brand that also has an interest in women’s health. If your cause is raising money for shelter pets, a local pet store may be a great fit as a corporate sponsor. If you’re a sponsor looking for a nonprofit for end-of-year giving, check out this list of great nonprofits.


Donations in cash, or donations ‘in kind’?

Hint: both are generous and impactful. Cash donations are helpful, of course, because they move you closer to reaching your fundraising goals. However, receiving ‘donations in kind’ may be exactly what your event needs to achieve and exceed expectations. For example, a corporate sponsor may make ‘donations in kind’ such as supplying the venue, food, or entertainment. Contributions such as this reduce your overall cost and help your budget go further. And these contributions can make a big impact on the success of your event. Sponsors may also offer you advertising space on their billboards, commercial slots, or email marketing campaigns. And don’t forget to ask them to promote your event across their social platforms. Most sponsors are as thrilled to share the event details as they are to support your cause.


Remember: Most of the work is done before you announce your event

You’ve found your sponsors, but there’s still more work to be done before you can announce your event. As the organizer, your event management team will be planning, designing, and executing the exciting details. Far beyond theme, location, and date – you’ll be considering vendors, advertisement, budget, entertainment, and more. Your sponsors will also use this time to plan and even possibly organize a team of their employees to volunteer at the event. Give your sponsors plenty of time to work out the details, but let everyone involved know in advance that you haven’t announced your event yet. This will give you time to pivot if necessary.

Can professional event management help your fundraiser be more successful?

Hiring an event management service can help you eliminate obstacles, save time, and throw a professionally polished event. Partnering with a team of passionate, experienced event managers will also take tasks off of your plate so that you can focus on reaching your goals. Event setup, bartending, event design & management is not only the frosting on the cake but also the foundation of a truly successful and impactful fundraising event.

Is your nonprofit planning an end-of-year event? Avant Garde is here to help you reach your goals. Contact us today to get the ball rolling and prepare for the holiday season!

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