Hosting an All-Ages Event? These Tips can Keep Things Fun for Everyone

Hosting an All-Ages Event? These Tips can Keep Things Fun for Everyone

There’s no age limit on fun, and we’re determined to prove it. If you’re planning an event for both adults and kids, these tips can help make sure everyone has a good time.


Establish an ‘adult swim’ for the bounce house

Let’s face it – when it comes to party activities, grown-ups sometimes get the short end of the stick. Frankly, many of us want to get in the bounce house… we just don’t want to trample a little person to do it. Surprise everyone at your event by establishing ‘adult swim’ time in the swimming pool, bounce house, or water slide. Dance-off? This one is just for the aunts and uncles. Singing competition? Move over, mommy wants the microphone for a bit. Sharing is caring, and some of us want our turn on the giant inflatable unicorn, please. This is also a good time to remember that face painting and balloon animals aren’t just for the kids!

Plan activities that involve everyone

Part of pulling off a great all-ages event is organizing activities that everyone loves. Encourage guests to mix it up during karaoke with old-school hits or to sing duets with the youngsters. Create a scavenger hunt and suggest that people partner up or compete against each other while looking for the items on your list. If you have outdoor games, include a separate set for your younger guests. Playing games such as cornhole or horseshoes can help them feel involved while also giving the adults a chance to play kid-free.


Cocktails and mocktails

Putting together a delicious drink menu that includes everyone doesn’t have to be hard. Keep it simple by offering a selection of drinks that can be made as cocktails or mocktails with ease. One example is the famous ButterBeer from Harry Potter – which can be made with or without alcohol. Seasonal favorites such as mulled wine can also be made without alcohol, using juice in its place. With a little thoughtful preparation, you can easily include everyone in your event festivities while being mindful of your young guests. Partnering with professionals for event management and bartending can make this even easier.

Music is for the grown-ups… most of the time

It’s the truth — kids will dance to almost anything. So if you have live music, keep in mind that the grown folks will probably be the ones listening. (Come on, when was the last time you saw a 6-year-old stop what they were doing to listen to a cover of a Pearl Jam song?) Making sure your entertainment selection keeps the vibe high means finding a balance between classic rock, 90s hits, and whatever is hot today. Know your audience and talk with your DJ or entertainment specialist ahead of time.

Designate a decompression section for anyone who needs to take a break

Parties can be a lot for people of any age. When we’re feeling overwhelmed or need a break, finding a spot to chill out is like finding an oasis. If your event is outdoors, rope off a small grassy area with some shade where people can cool off or finish their tantrum in peace if they need to. If you’re indoors, ensure your ‘quiet room’ is clearly marked and accessible. Having a place to unwind for a few minutes can allow your guests to step away briefly if they need to without having to leave your party.

Need more tips? Questions about organizing your event? We’d love to chat with you – contact us here.

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