Denver Oktoberfest Promises Loads of Fun with Keg Bowling & The Long Dog Derby

View of the crowd and the Denver Oktoberfest Festival

Denver Oktoberfest Promises Loads of Fun with Keg Bowling & The Long Dog Derby

Denver Oktoberfest has been bringing people together since 1969, and this year promises to be just as epic. With over 50 years of history and tradition, this festival is a bucket-list item for beer lovers and foodies nationwide. Keep reading to learn more about this event & how you can be a part of the festivities with free general admission or go big with the VIP Beer Hall experience.

The Denver Oktoberfest Festival Logo

About Denver Oktoberfest

This annual event boasts ‘brews, booze, and Bavarian food’. During the 3rd and 4th weekends of September, festival goers from near and abroad will come together to hoist a stein of beer or indulge in one of many delicious dishes. Live music, entertainment, and friendly competitions create the light-hearted atmosphere of this festival, helping usher in the Fall and see Summer out with a bang!

Creative competitions

Whether you’re a long-time Oktoberfest goer or a newbie, you can participate in a variety of activities at Denver Oktoberfest. Lederhosen are optional, but always welcome, especially if you want to win the costume contest. If you’re looking for something a bit stronger, sign up for Competitive Stein Hoisting. Even stronger still? Warm up your bowling arm and compete against your friends for title and glory in Keg Bowling.

The ever-adorable Long Dog Derby

The earliest Bavarian Oktoberfest celebrations featured the racing of horses. However, the Dachshunds Germany is so famous for quickly took center stage. Historians can’t seem to agree how or why the weiner dog races have become so deeply ingrained in Oktoberfest history, but it may have something to do with the German heritage of the four-legged track stars. In fact, the Bavarian city of Passau is home to a museum dedicated entirely to all things Dachshund. At the Denver Oktoberfest Long Dog Derby, you can watch every second of the adorable action and see for yourself why fans are obsessed with the furry, photogenic champs.

The VIP Beer Hall Experience

For the brew-lovers and foodies, there’s no better gift than the VIP Beer Hall experience at Denver Oktoberfest. VIP Packages can be purchased for a single day, or the whole weekend. The experience includes both ‘All You Can Eat’ and ‘All you Can Drink’, featuring both local and international favorites, as well as new and exclusive beer selections. The VIP experience also includes exclusive seating in the VIP tent, as well as private restrooms. A special Sunday Boozy Brunch is also an exclusive event offered for VIP members, creating a fun opportunity to get even more out of your Oktoberfest experience. To read more about the VIP Beer Hall, click here.

All about the brews

The beer halls are going to be packed with all the hops you can handle. Visitors will enjoy at least 3 Breckenridge Brewery favorites, including Autumn Ale, Oktoberfest Marzen Lager, and their Hop Peak IPA. Also available will be Frankziskaner Weissbier, Stella Artois Cidre, as well as the Denver Oktoberfest 52nd Annual Brew (TBA).

Important Event Details

When: 9/16-9/15 (Weekend One) and 9/23-9/25 (Weekend Two)

Where: Larimer and 21st in the Ballpark District

Tickets: VIP Tickets can be purchased here. General admission is Free.

Additional details are being added to the FB event page regularly.

Avant Gard is in the mix to make sure your festival experience is top tier in every way. Learn more about Event Production Services by clicking here, or contact us with any ideas or questions.

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