Branding Tips for your Next Corporate Event

Branding Tips for your Next Corporate Event

Can you recognize your favorite brands by just their colors? Some research has suggested that signature colors can increase brand recognition by 80%. Making your brand come alive at corporate events is about more than consistent color choices, though. Keep reading to learn how you can be strategic with branding choices to build trust, loyalty, and recognition at your next event.

Curated events become memorable experiences

Venue? Check. Vendors? Check. Staffing? Check. Now it’s time to curate your event into a truly unique experience that helps guests connect with your brand. Because humans experience events in a non-linear way, curating your event means that they’ll come in contact with your brand, no matter where they end up in your venue. This is why signage, displays, and lighting can be as important as flow, theme, and food choices. An event curator will also consider mood, ambiance, and other subtle characteristics that will help create the overall ‘feeling’ of your event and enhance your guest experience.


Photo ops aren’t just for celebrities

“I wish I could take a picture of this with my mind.” How many times have you thought about it, or heard someone say it? Today, with the help of technology, timeless memories and keepsakes can be quickly captured, saved, and shared with others. And the people who attend your events often want to do just that. Creating photo-friendly spaces within your space makes documenting memories even easier and ensures that guests will remember your brand and the fun they had at your event when they look at those photos. Read more about how to turn your guests into brand ambassadors here.


Be consistent with visuals

Color palettes and fonts are one of the cornerstones of professional branding – right up there with an event logo. Once all those details are determined, it’s time to ensure the visuals stay consistent. As your event planning progresses, try to be as intentional with event pages, email marketing, and social media posts as you were with the website and banners. Make sure your vendors have content to share that your team has created ahead of time. Supplying branded marketing materials is one of the easiest ways to ensure your brand shows up visually in a memorable way, no matter who shares it.


Useful swag outranks flashy swag

Branding your merchandise has always been a good way for events and sponsors to increase loyalty and familiarity, which is still true today. However, today’s consumers place authenticity and intentionality high on the priority list. T-shirts and stickers will always be great, but their lives may be short-lived if they’re not frequently used. To provide the best and most valuable swag, consider what your guests might need during and after your event. If you’re hosting at an outdoor venue during hot weather, consider offering water bottles, sunscreen, and small towels – guests will be able to use them right away and also in the future. At events with pets, such as fundraisers and festivals, consider offering bandanas or water bowls for the pets. Last but not least is the trusty tote bag – Useful, practical, and just waiting to display your logo.

Whether you host many events or few, it’s easier to create the best guest experience with experts on your team. Partnering with a professional event management company for planning, staging, and staffing can help make sure that your hard work pays off. Questions about how our team can support your goals? Let’s chat.

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